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Everyone has a story to tell. What’s yours?
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Grey Matters Podcast Episode 2 – Storytelling: The Why’s, The What’s, The How’s

Welcome to the Grey Matters podcast produced by Richards Partners. On this podcast, we explore the grey areas of strategy and design, and how it relates to brands in sectors from agriculture to beauty, to fashion, to food & beverage and everything in between. Each episode will be hosted by Brian Richards, who will be joined by Scott Wallace. Between them is about 60 years of experience in strategy, design and advertising. Joining them in other episodes down the line will be a variety of industry experts, thought leaders, designers, and strategists, all sharing their experience, expertise and grey matter for your learnings.

Storytelling is a profound part of what it means to be human. Stories bring us together; they help us understand ourselves and the world around us. They are a means of entertainment, of cultural preservation, and a way of instilling moral values onto the next generation. Humanity has come a long way from telling stories around the fire after a day spent foraging and hunting on the open savannah. But still, storytelling remains a crucial thread in the tapestry of cultures all around the world. 

Today on the Grey Matters podcast, Brian and Scott discuss storytelling. The why’s, the what’s, and how it can help you articulate the essence of your brand in colourful, creative ways. Everyone has their own story to tell. What’s yours?

Grey Matters podcast host Brian Richards, New Zealand's foremost brand strategist and winner of the Designers Institute of New Zealand Black Pin.

Scott Wallace,
Grey Matters podcast host Scott Wallace, storyteller and adman with 37 years experience in the advertising industry.

Episode 2 Summary

In Episode 2, we dive deep into exploring the art of storytelling. We look at why storytelling is so important, how to craft a story, and how to use storytelling as a tool for your brand. We ask, what is your brand story? And suggest some good story starters. 

— Why is storytelling so important? 

— What is the craft of storytelling?

— How can you use this as a brand discipline? 

— How do you build a brand story?

— What is your brand story? 

— What is the power of storytelling?

— How does storytelling influence our lives?

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