In a world full of ordinary products and services, we work with like-minded partners to inspire the incredible and make it credible.
Our approach

To uncover our client’s brands we need to understand their customers. Our curious minds use these powerful insights to establish where our clients are now and what they need to do next.

Insight Workshops
Customer Segmentation
Brand Valuation
Creative Brand Strategy Lab Day
Customer Journey Map
Brand Audit
Brand DVF (Desirability, Viability, Feasibility) Report

Great companies have a clear vision and purpose. They know where they are now and where they’re going tomorrow. We help our clients articulate their journey with a clear strategic vision and a collaborative plan for how to achieve it.

Brand Definition
Marketing & Communications Plans
Naming Programme
Brand Architecture
Brand Strategy Workshop
Industry Collaboration Strategy
Creative Strategy Day
Messaging Matrix
Competitor Analysis

Powerful stories connect at a deeper level. We help our clients tell compelling stories of their brands and their people that engage their staff and their customers.

Tone of Voice
Brand Voice Guidelines
Brand Story
Concept Film
Concept Photography

Strong cultures fuel strong brands. They empower ownership and create committed believers. We work with our clients to build self-perpetuating cultures that inspire staff and sustain the brands they work with from the inside out.

Brand Culture Definition & Strategy
Brand Culture Toolbox
Brand Induction Programme
Brand Launch Strategy & Tools

Effective communication is built on a system of ideas and engaging visual behaviours that communicate what you do in a uniquely memorable way. For our clients we partner great ideas with beautiful design to produce powerful tools that connect with their audiences.

Design Audit​
Small Brand Identity System​
Large Brand Identity System​
Corporate Communications​
Brand Experience​
Internal and External Brand Campaign​
Sales Tools​
Packaging Design​
Environmental Design
Point of Sale
Asset Suite​
Brand Guidelines​

We help our clients unlock their digital potential. We work to create innovative and engaging digital solutions that put the user first and integrate seamlessly into your brand.

Digital Strategy
Website Audits
Analytics and Measurement
User Experience Design
Website Design
User Testing
Content Marketing
Social Media Management
Website Development

When brands are brought to life we take the time to ensure they’re rolled out in the most effective way.

Brand Roll-out Strategy
Brand Campaign
Brand Launch
Hero Imagery
Brand Film
Brand Assets
Brand Management

Brands aren’t static. We provide our clients with the strategies and tools they need to ensure their brands stand firm and grow stronger.

Brand Guardianship
Brand Partnerships Programme
Strategic Coaching
Creative Coaching

The Chrysalis Studio at Richards Partners is the first dedicated innovation studio of its kind in Asia-Pacific. We look from the outside in and inspire businesses to reinvent themselves by discovering the difference between what people want and what companies give them.

User Research
Initial Hypothesis
Problem Definition
Opportunity Framing
Design Thinking
Service Design Blueprints
Controlled Experimentation
Market Immersions
User Testing
Product Development