We are a creative agency that works at the intersection of Strategy and Design. We develop ideas that deliver incredible change.
Who we are

We work with national and international clients to grow their competitiveness and find unique ways to engage new and existing customers.

Brian Richards
Founding Partner

Brian hung up a shingle which said “Brand Strategist” 25 years ago when only a handful of individuals across the globe were exploring the nascent business discipline. Since then, Brian, along with other pioneers, has achieved global recognition in what is now considered a valuable business tool. Throughout his career he has advised governments, companies and communities in defining their point of difference and delivered brand strategies and enduring legacy brands across markets in Asia Pacific, Europe and the United States. Unashamedly commercial, Brian’s almost legendary skills in boardrooms have always seen him argue the bottom line performance of the brand and its story, as the best investment a company can make. “Business is about ethics, aesthetics and functionality,” says Brian, “brands, which capture these points of difference, should deliver a special experience through unique design, supportive cultures and an infectious and honest story you have never heard before.”

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Kyle Ranudo

A designer turned strategist, Kyle is a crossbreed who derives as much enjoyment from typesetting as he does from wordsmithing. After graduating with a Bachelor of Design from AUT in 2014, Kyle began his career as a graphic designer creating award-winning books and publications. His love for creative, insightful thinking and its expression in design was a natural fit with Richards Partners. To the team, he brings a meticulous mind for detail and the understanding that great design is informed by sound strategy.

Logan Tran
Karla Cooke
Strategy Consultant

Karla's 27-year career has spanned the disciplines of design, advertising, brand strategy, brand management and marketing. Having worked both agency and client-side at the group executive level, she brings a holistic and integrated perspective to every project. Working offshore in Asia Pacific, Western Europe, and the Middle East has given Karla deep understanding of the cultural and practical challenges of developing and implementing brands internationally. Karla holds qualifications in design, commercialisation, entrepreneurship and digital strategy.

Caroline Konarkowska
Designer / Strategist

Caroline believes that the most innovative work comes from the marriage of a strong idea with an in-depth understanding of the people you are creating for. After completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Whitecliffe College of Arts & Design, Caroline has worked closely with design teams on a number of brand identity systems and brand roll-outs. To every project, she brings a conscientious attention to detail, and a keen ability to blend conceptual and pragmatic approaches to design and design thinking.

Emma Marriott

Emma is steadfast proponent that the best design is the result of a complex idea, executed simply, and crafted with care.  Since graduating from Whitecliffe College of Art & Design with a Bachelor of Fine Art, Emma has become an indispensable member of the Richards Partners team, working on a variety of projects from branding to website design.  Emma considers how design works not only visually, but also tactically – realising a concept into a physical form while retaining the essence of an idea.

Don Wilkie
Financial Controller