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Incredible without credible is often meaningless while credible without incredible goes unnoticed. It’s both together that produces something amazing, and that’s why our team is made up of all sorts of thinkers and doers capable of delivering on your business' challenge.



We live in a time where change is so fast that you only see the present as it's disappearing. We are focussed on identifying change before it happens, detecting weak signals ahead of the curve. It’s this curiosity of wanting to know what’s around the corner that helps us get you tomorrow’s answers today.

What we do

We are a multi-disciplinary team of curious design thinkers and doers working at the intersection of strategy and design. We are led by insights that inform great ideas to deliver incredible change.


Strategic clarity

Great companies have a clear vision and purpose, they know where they are now and where they’re going tomorrow. We help our clients articulate their trajectory with a clear strategic vision backed by an open creative culture.


Telling stories

The narrative of life is a series of stories. It’s no different in business. We help our clients tell compelling stories that engage their staff and their customers.


Building cultures

Creativity doesn’t happen on its own. It needs a culture that has purpose and is open to the possibilities design thinking has to offer. Our teams help develop strategies for uncovering and connecting the dots hidden in plain sight.


Designing experiences

Because we work at the intersection of strategy and design our teams are able to connect strategy, story and design across the disciplines.

Who we are

Our clients

Richards Partners has been working with major global brands for more than 30 years helping tell their stories to the world.

Our people

Brian Richards
Founding Partner

Brian hung up a shingle which said “Brand Strategist” 25 years ago when only handful of individuals across the globe were exploring the nascent business discipline. Since then, Brian, along with other pioneers, has achieved global recognition in what is now considered a valuable business tool. Throughout his career he has advised governments, companies and communities in defining their point of difference and delivered brand strategies and enduring legacy brands across Asia Pacific and markets in Europe and the United States.

Unashamedly commercial, Brian’s almost legendary skills in boardrooms have always seen him argue the bottom line performance of the brand and its story, as the best investment a company can make.“Business is about ethics, aesthetics and functionality,” says Brian, “brands, which capture these points of difference, should deliver a special experience through unique design, supportive cultures and an infectious and honest story you have never heard before.” Brian maintains a Brand Strategy blog

Stephanie Gasperini

Enabling and coaching the best people to do great work. Attracting and retaining senior business leaders by delivering exceptional results. Managing complexity, ambiguity and change. These are some of the challenges Stephanie juggles at Richards Partners. To do so, she draws on 25 years experience as Chief Executive, General Manager and Client Service Director of some of Australasia’s most recognisable agencies.

Stephanie’s fascination with business and admiration for exceptional strategy and design is what drives her. “Something absolutely magical happens when an idea takes hold… and what drives you on is the chance to be there once again; as an advocate, as a brand champion, as a challenger, and as a leader.”

Julian Smith

Julian arrived at Richards Partners as Senior Strategist in 2006 with over a decade of marketing and strategy experience under his belt. During his time as Global Marketing Director for iconic sportswear firm Orca he oversaw the development of its brand, helped establish its Hong Kong headquarters, and earned the New Zealand’s Best Design-Led business and SME Marketer of the Year awards.

As part of ATHOC Julian was also part of the look of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games. At Richards Partners he has developed marketing and touchpoint strategies, created international stories and reinvigorated brands for clients such as Fisher & Paykel, Steinlager Pure, New Zealand Antarctic Research Institute and Earthwise (New Zealand’s fastest growing company in 2013).


Clem Devine

Creative Director

Sanjiv Menon

Senior Designer

Meisha Graham



Sabine Hogguer

Senior Creative Strategist

Luke Lockwood

Creative Strategist

Brenda Won


Design management

Nicole Tweddell

Senior Design Manager

Karen Munro

Studio Manager

Jo Harris

Design Manager

Olivia Wilson

Design Manager

Stefan Kere Kere

Executive Manager

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Right brain creatives and left brain strategists, create the tension of opposites within our teams, from interns to people with years of talent. Get in touch.


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